WIN FREE CLASSES in the Art Play Date event - Contest runs March 17 - 21

 Enter for a chance to win FREE classes in ART PLAY DATE - Cindy Rippe 2014

I'm working in my class for Art Play Date.  The picture shows one of the early stages of the lily.  In this class you'll get an introduction to  Inspirational Art Jouraling.  The class will include lessons on sketching a flower, playing with layers of acrylics, pen & ink with colored pencil and then you can fully develop the painting if you want.  We'll discover different backgrounds and surface prep for working on a printed page and experiment with decoupage, stenciling and stamping as options for the mat that we'll attach the finished design to.  You'll have the choice to work on a book page or a plain white background but I can promise that there will be charming embellishments and ribbon added to finish the design.

What is ART PLAY DATE?  It's This 25 week online e-course features 24 of the leading teachers in the decorative painting market and a lot of mixed media creativity and inspiration for just $99. You will receive 27 pre-recorded video lessons delivered right to your home. It fast, easy and you can watch them any time and as many times as you like until April 1, 2015. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the ART PLAY DATE website for more information and to see the list of incredible teachers
And now, some EXCITING news for you!  

Announcing the ART PLAY DATE giveaway!

There will be 5 FREE Class Registrations awarded next week.  Have you been wondering about signing up?  Now's your chance to win a free space in the event.  If you've already registered that's great!  If your name is drawn as one of the winners your registration fee will be refunded to you.  Do you have a friend that would like to join us?  PLEASE SHARE the link to this post.

Here's how to enter:
In the comment section below:

1. Answer the following question -
What's the most fun you ever had in an art/craft class?  
2. Be sure to add your name and email address (or we won't know who to give the prize to if you are chosen.)
3. The contest runs from Monday, March 17 - Friday, March 21.  BE SURE TO ENTER BY THAT DATE.
4. FIVE winners will be selected randomly and announced on Monday, March 24th.


  1. The most fun I've had in a art class is when I start creating what I have envisioned in my head on paper. it gets my excitement and creative juices flowing!

  2. The most fun is going from "no way can I do this" to "omg, look what I created." I love that feeling so much that I've spent all my vacation time flying to art classes around the country to have this experience!

  3. The most fun? There have been many "most funs" lol. But one I do remember was painting a 2 foot square poppy piece at the SDP Convention in Peoria. Shelley Hankins from England was the instructor and the class was light and fun and my first time using long handled bristle brushes with acrylic paint on a big canvas. It was probably the most relaxed I've ever felt after a class... and a finished project to boot!

  4. I have been painting for about 18 years and I always have the most fun when I learn something new.

    1. My email is - in case I win.

  5. The class I had the most fun in was a class with Brenda Harris . Part of what made it so fun is that I surprised my daughter by showing up for it and got to take the class with her. We had a lot of fun! I have had a lot of other fun classes filled with grey memories and lots of learning. Judith

  6. I've enjoyed the classes I've had with Sonja Richardson. I love her pieces and she tells a great yarn!

  7. And I for got my email address!

  8. One of the most fun was taking a class learning to paint lace and realizing it was easier than it looked! Connie,

  9. One of my favorites classes was a painting a fuzzy bear with dear friends. The class was great and the crew had a lot of fun!

  10. That is such a wonderful and fun idea! I'm sure this online course will be filled in no time! Thanks for sharing.

  11. The most fun I ever had in an art class was one at John C. Campbell Folk School that I taught. All the students were novices and willing to try anything. We laughed, cried and had an amazing week. Your class looks so like fun. #sscnet

  12. What a fun and creative way to teach art! Good luck, it looks like fun:) #sscnet

  13. Look like such a fun Play Date! One of my favorite classes was when I was a teen, I attended a stained glass workshop with my Mom, we had a blast!

  14. It looks great! You have a great talent :)


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